⊗An Rx for the mind, body and soul of animal workers⊗


Registration is Now Open!

Course begins on April 11, 2020


In response to our current COVID-19 situation which is hitting the lab animal community particularly hard, I've decided to only offer this next go-round of the course to them.  I've also add 6 LIVE weekly webinars to this course to help you with any anxiety, uncertainty, fear, stress and overwhelm you are feeling. All will be recorded if you can't join live. These webinars are only for course participants. 


"I just wanted to send a big thank you to you for teaching me how to think better. A year ago the circumstances of COVID-19 would have had me divorced and drinking again.  Now, I think differently about it and recognize it as a challenge to be faced and not feared.  Thank you Julie for helping me to do that. Stay healthy and please keep doing great work!"  B. W., DVM, former CFRx participant

Why I Created This Course

I only work with people who work with animals. Mainly veterinary, lab animal and animal welfare professionals. I know how much you love animals but I also know how much you are hurting. How much you question your career, yourself and even your compassion. Crazy right? You've wanted to do this work your entire life and now you're not so sure if you want to or even can.

I've got you.

I can help you.

You are ok.

We can do this together.

Join me in this 6-week journey to reconnect with yourself and become empowered. It is more than possible.

Julie and Ernie

About Me

I'm Julie Squires, BA, Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Founder of Rekindle a compassion fatigue solutions company. I've worked in the veterinary field for over 25 years as a veterinary assistant, hospital administrator and in industry sales and training. In all these years I've known too many veterinarians who committed suicide. One is too many. I knew a lot more than one. And it isn't just veterinarians that are struggling with the "emotional residue" of the work, so are vet techs, animal welfare workers and lab animal research workers. How do I know? Because I work with them all.

I've suffered myself, a lot. I never knew where my emotions came from and how to make myself feel better other than using drugs, alcohol and food. So I used them all, to excess. I now live a life that hardly resembles my former one. I know how to manage my emotions and my mind and I do it everyday. I take very good care of myself so I am full of energy to travel around the country and give seminars and workshops to people just like you. I was born to teach others what I've learned and I'm beyond blessed to do this work. I'm honored to meet you.

Module #1 How to Coach Yourself to Feel Better

Why hasn't anyone ever taught us where our feelings come from and how to actually feel better? It's the basis of what I teach so you can be assured you will learn exactly WHY you  feel like you do and HOW to change it. This module will teach you a powerful model that explains how the world works and how you can claim authority over not just your feelings but your entire life.

Module #2 This Would Be Great If It Weren't For the Humans: Dealing With Difficult People

While working with animals can be challenging , the consistent theme I hear among all animal workers is that it's the dealing with the humans that is causing them the majority of their pain and suffering. We can't control other people but we can absolutely control how we respond and react to them. This module will dive into what you can control as it relates to others and how that can bring you freedom and relief. I will teach you the options you always have available to you, how to feel compassion for others(when you don't!) and how to take your power back.

Module #3 It's Not You, It's Me: Creating and Enforcing Boundaries

We become people pleasers because we don't want to hurt or disappoint others. The result is that we hurt and disappoint ourselves. Boundaries are not easy but are critical in the work you do. Without boundaries you'll end up feeling taken advantage, angry, resentful, overwhelmed and frustrated. We will cover what a boundary truly is, what a violation is and when and how to create and enforce boundaries in your work and personal lives to protect and respect yourself.

Module #4 Serenity Now! How to Reduce Stress

Stress has always been a part of life but we're dealing with more now than ever. In this module  we will explore the gamut of stress reduction options for you to find what works for you so you can create your own "first aid kit" for when life feels like too much.

Module #5 Badass Self-Care

You're likely feeling exhausted and depleted, could it be because you aren't attending to your own needs? (Um, yes!) I'm going to teach you everything I know about why and how to take exceptionally good care of yourself so you feel energized and taken care of. Your time has come friend!

Module #6 Mindfulness/ Meditation for Your Sanity

I know what you're going to say, "I've tried meditating but I can't quiet my mind." Exactly.

Meditation has proven success in the area of compassion fatigue and decreasing emotional reactivity, ruminating thoughts, anxiety and depression, etc. I will teach you how to meditate and to bring mindfulness into your life to create well-being and a sense of inner peace. You will find that even with a very minimal meditation practice the things that used to bother you and drive you crazy will be much less so or even not at all.


  • Understanding Compassion Fatigue
  • Allowing Emotion (How to feel your feelings)
  • Putting An End To Self-Criticism
  • How To Solve Your Problems
  • Achieving Goals
  • "Just Like Them" Tool


  • Video lessons for each module that teaches you the most important skills you need to improve how you are feeling, thinking and living
  • Weekly motivational recordings to support you and enhance the week's lesson. Listen at your convenience.
  • Short but impactful worksheets to enhance each module's teaching and create a daily practice of creating space for yourself in your day and life.
  • 2 60-minute private coaching sessions with me to be schedule at your convenience ($200 value)
  • "Ask Julie" Feature! An anonymous place to get coaching on anything.
  • NEW! 6 Live Weekly Webinars to help ease COVID-19 anxiety, stress and overwhelm (will be recorded if you can't make it live)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this course is right for me?

If you're here, chances are good you don't like the way you're feeling about your work, your life or both. If that's you, then this course is for you. I meet many, many animal workers that are feeling numb, exhausted, burned out and are doubting themselves or their sustainability in their work. That's who I created this course for.


How do I access the weekly motivational recordings?

Everything will be uploaded on the site. You'll have full access to all the materials and be able to download it all while you are a member.


What kind of technology do I need?

A smartphone or laptop is all that you need in addition to a printer to print out the worksheets.


How do I pay?

I use PayPal which accepts all major credit/debit cards but if you need to pay another way, just email me ( and we will work it out.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I don't want your hard earned money if what I'm offering isn't valuable to you. If within the first  week of the course you're not feeling the love and learning anything of value,  let me know and I'll gladly return your investment.


How much time do I need to participate in CFRx?

Good question! We're all busy so I understand the time constraints. I also understand that you may not be spending much time on yourself right now so part of the goal of this course is for you to carve out some time for just YOU. That being said, here's what you can expect:

  • Videos - 20-30 minutes/week
  • Motivational recordings- 30-45 minutes/week
  • Daily practices/homework - 10-15 minutes/day


How and when can I set up the individual coaching sessions? 

You will receive a link to my online scheduler where you can find a time that is convenient for you. Sessions are held over the phone and are designed to give you personal attention and support for anything you might be struggling with. 



This course has taught me to think about my daily life differently. Julie offers techniques on setting limits, stress management, and improving the thoughts that circulate within my own brain. I am learning how to manage stress so that I can show up as the compassionate person that I know I am.

Course Participant

It is a great course to help someone when they are overwhelmed, tired or simply a little haggard.


This course made me look at my work and my time off from a new perspective. I feel it made my interactions with clients and my staff more positive and productive.

Course Participant

This course is a great reminder that there is help for professionals who are feeling overworked, tired within their profession, unappreciated, and unbalanced in their life. You are not alone! A great chance to “invest in yourself”!


I appreciated the fact that this course was geared towards ALL roles in the field of animal care, not just veterinarians. This course offered real world, in depth advice and support on this very important topic. Julie is engaging, very passionate, well prepared and informed about her topics. I highly recommend this course!

B.C., Office Manager/Director of Client Care

This course makes you wake up to the fact that in our profession we need constant support and ways to vent tension. This course forces you to take care of yourself which we seldom do well. I highly recommend treating yourself to this course. You deserve it!


This course allowed me to become more conscious of the role I play and how I get to feel about that. Julie is an engaging and entertaining coach that helped me learn to slow down my brain so I could take control of what it was doing (the way it was/is thinking, feeling, responding).


This course teaches real skills you can put into use that can help you deal with compassion fatigue and burnout. I would recommend it to anyone in the profession.


Registration is Now Open For Lab Animal Professionals Only! 


COVID-19 has put an enormous amount of stress on all of us but especially the lab animal community which is why I've decided to dedicate this next rollout of the course EXCLUSIVELY to them. If you are a lab animal professional, I know it can feel isolating sometimes and as if you have nowhere to turn for help. You've just found your help! Join us!

There's NOTHING more important than your mental health. Nothing. Yet we spend very little time and money on it. This is an opportunity for you to focus on yourself for what starts as just 6-weeks but might just become a lifelong habit.


Take the course with your co-workers!

$25 discount/person for groups up to 5

$50 discount/person for groups >5

Email Julie ( for group invoicing.