Only for veterinarians!

A group coaching program just for you.

More than anything women veterinarians need a place to feel connected with other veterinarians in a supportive and positive way. 

"I love knowing I'm not alone in how I feel about this profession and the challenges it brings." - Living A Life You Love group member

How to know if this program is right for you:

You're a veterinarian
You want to enjoy your life more
You want to explore who you are outside of vet med
You want to feel less guilt and less burdened by your responsibilities
You know the importance of self-care but can't seem to make it a constant and not like something else you're failing at
You love vet med but are ready to prioritize yourself and your needs
You believe there's more for you in your life than work, writing records and laundry
You're a feminist (even if you've never burned a bra!)
You want to get control of your inner critic and learn how to believe in yourself and create a life you truly love

If you answered YES to 5 or more, you're a PERFECT fit for this program. 

But don't believe me! Here's what others have said about this group.  

"We are all veterinarians, but in this group we are Women that have jobs in veterinary medicine. I can feel the difference."

"The empathy and cheerleading I feel both from and towards the women in this group is a level of intimacy that usually takes much longer to build in my friendships."

"Community. The group feels like a touchpoint for me --- a safe space to check in."

Imagine this...

Being excited to go to work everyday
Feeling confident in your daily decisions and choices
Having a sisterhood to understand and support you
Being able to leave work, at work
Prioritizing self-care and not feeling an ounce of guilt
Feeling energized at the end of the day instead of exhausted
Being present for other things in your life such as family, friends and hobbies
Feeling like you've done enough for one day

This is how many of my clients feel after working together. They are not special unicorns and neither are you. This is not a fairytale, your life can feel like this too. 

Hi There...

I'm Julie Squires and I have struggled too...

I didn't come out of the womb a Life Coach. Hardly. I had to learn all of the things I now teach. Like how to have Emotional Mastery in my life. How to love my life. How to talk to myself like a friend and not an asshole. How to believe in myself. And how to take great care of myself unapologetically. 

I've overcome a deadly eating disorder, drug and alcohol dependencies and live a life I never dreamed possible for me. 

My 30 years (omg!)  in vet med has taught me many things. But the biggest thing it's taught me is that without intentional effort aimed at your mental health and wellbeing, you're not going to have a life you love. 

I know transformation is possible because not only am I living proof, I witness it every day in my coaching clients. 

And my clients are just like you. I promise you. 

Living a life you love is 100% yours for the taking. Let's do this! 

Are you ready for all the details?

Joining Living A Life You Love will give you the support, accountability, connection and tools you need for changing your life from the inside out. It's not the things around you that need to change. And that's GREAT news because the only thing you can ever change is you. I've got you! I know the way. 

Living A Life You Love is a 6-month group program that includes all of this goodness:

The Model

I will teach you the most empowering and powerful tool I know for cognitive-based freedom. This tool will transform how you see yourself and others and will give you the power to think thoughts deliberately in order to create the feelings and actions you want.  And in doing so, create a life you absolutely love. 

Live Coaching

You will have the opportunity to get coached by me LIVE twice a month on our video coaching calls or you can learn by watching others with brains just like yours, get coached . All calls will be recorded and archived so you'll never miss one even if you can't make it live . Call will be held on the 1st and 3rd Th of each month at 8 pm ET. 


Women supporting women is the most powerful force there is. Yet in many spaces we feel like we're competing with each other. Not here! This is a space of camaraderie, cheering each other on, celebrating each others successes and feeling like you're a part of something very special. Because it is. 

Personal Growth

A new lesson every month to give you the tools, concepts and insights for your own transformation and growth. Short videos and a workbook to engage with on-demand, on your schedule, or not at all. You decide! 

A Classroom Vault

A collection of my on-demand trainings on topics highly relevant to veterinarians such as: work-life balance, Imposter Syndrome, perfectionism, The Think-Feel-Act cycle, how to believe in yourself, self-compassion and setting and achieving goals.

Heartspace Sessions

Once a month we'll have a Heartspace session. What's that? It's a 60-minute session where you'll learn about yourself and other group members by answering insightful prompts designed to dive deep into the amazingness of who you are. This session is what most members love the most! 

Ok, here's the super cool part!  There's a lot of value here but I know that you may not be used to investing in yourself in this way. I've kept the investment low. $2500

 $2500 for 6-months of guidance, coaching, tools, accountability, support and connection. 

It's going to be the best investment you've ever made in yourself! 

There are Limited Spots available for this group as I want to keep the size optimal for everyone (read: introverts) getting the support they need.  The doors close on April 2, 2023. 

The program will run from April 2023-September 2023. 

Calls on Zoom are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month at 8 pm ET.

The first coaching call is Thursday, April 6 @ 8pm ET. 

Sound like what you're looking for? I hope so. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How much time will be required?

As much or as little as you want. Seriously. 

We will have 2 live 60-minute calls each month (that will be recorded and uploaded on the site), one 60-minute Heartspace session and there will be monthly lessons (30 minutes max) that you can view on-demand, a Classroom Vault of optional additional trainings and the community forum that you can engage with however you choose. 

This isn't something you can fail at. 

Matter of fact, you can't fail at this because there are no expectations. Show up in a way that works best for you. For some that is attending all the live calls, for others that is watching the replays and for others it's a combination of both. 

How might my life change by being in this group program?

I love that you're asking that question! And I'm going to answer it with a question. What would your life be like if you were free of guilt and self-doubt, didn't feel alone in your struggles, felt joy in your work again, had your own back no matter what and knew how to manage your thinking so that all of this was your reality?

Why did you start this group?

Because I want to impact more veterinarians than I can working 1:1 with people and there is so much power in being part of a group of growth-minded peers. You are all looking to feel better, cope with stress better, be more positive, get to know yourself better, think better, feel connected and know you are not alone in how you feel.

Why is this group just for women (or those that identify as such) veterinarians?

This group is just for women veterinarians because I believe strongly that veterinarians need a safe, supportive and positive place to lay down their inner baggage and vulnerabilities without fearing being judged, shamed or misunderstood.  As veterinarians you have a lot of responsibility to your patients and clients and often have to be the expert in the room. This is a time for you not to have to have all the answers and know your next steps. You don't need to be "on" here. This is a place to slow down, take a breath (and pause) and assess what you might need for yourself. 

Having coached veterinarians 1:1 since 2015 I  have discovered that women veterinarians really need a safe, supportive and uplifting place to connect with other women that also happen to be veterinarians. Women lifting each other up is a powerful thing and that's exactly what you can expect in Living A Life You Love. 

What is the difference between coaching and therapy? 

Therapy often focuses on one's past and through peeling back those layers one is able to better understand themselves. 

Coaching focuses on where you are NOW and where you want to BE. I'm a coach that believes strongly in the power of mindset. I teach what is known as thoughtwork, which is a way of bringing awareness and analysis to what you are currently thinking, and feeling, and seeing what actions and results that is creating. Then we can explore other ways of thinking and feeling that will give you the actions and results you're wanting. 

Thoughtwork is the most empowering skill I've ever learned. You will have the opportunity in our live calls and in the community forum to get coaching on any issue relating to your personal life or to your work. Nothing is off limits. And watching someone else get coached can sometimes be even more transforming than getting coached yourself. 

Ultimately this group is for women veterinarians that love vet med but feel like something is missing in their life. It's time for something to change. Let's do this. 

Are you ready? Send me an email and I'll send you the PayPal link to hold your spot!

Have questions? Please email me at

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