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  1. revive (something that has been lost)
  2. relight (a fire)

Caring Doesn’t Have to Come at a High Cost

We help individuals and teams thrive in the midst of challenging and stressful work environments.

Veterinarians, doctors, nurses, animal shelter workers, mental health providers, elder care workers and people in “helping” vocations are called by a deep desire to serve others. Sadly, this puts them in the line of fire to directly witness the suffering of others, profoundly affecting them and their ability to serve.

Left untreated, this “cost of caring” (Figley, 1982) – known as compassion fatigue — is an occupational hazard that can permeate the entire organization.

The commonly accepted resignation and silent suffering of these professionals has widespread impact. The professional, organization and the quality of care are all negatively affected. We believe, however, that there are steps to better manage compassion fatigue and minimize its influence. Rekindle enhances healing and as a result, the care your organization delivers.

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Extinguishing the Risks

We help professionals regain the passion that originally drew them to their vocation and arm them with tools to maintain it. 

The impact for professionals can be devastating, with far-reaching implications for everyone. The widespread symptoms affect all aspects of the professional’s life, making it harder and harder to function at their highest level. Impacting the teams they work with and the quality of care that’s delivered, compassion fatigue can ultimately end the professional’s career and shortchange your organization of the skills and expertise they possess. We provide professionals with tools that can combat this cycle, enabling them to provide quality care without suffering negative consequences. We give hope for a lasting and sustaining career. 

How to recognize the symptoms

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